Slingshots of the World Cup

Slingshots of the World Cup

Posted by Nathan Masters on Jul 3rd 2018

One of the most fun parts of the Slingshot World Cup was seeing all the variety of slingshots used by competitors from all over the world.  It is not surprising that very few production slingshots were being used, with the majority of slingshots being truly custom built, usually by the user themselves.

 The most intricate and customized models were those of the Spaniards.  There slingshots are built 100% around the individual who is shooting them.  Their sighting systems were complex and their shooting style was very unique.

Of course, everyone wants to know what the Chinese champion was shooting!  It was a lovely custom made 'over the top' style slingshot.  This particular slingshot took over 20 hours to complete the carvings and it was as lovely to hold as it is to look at.

John Jeffries of the UK was shooting his own design and build.  This was a fantastic slingshot and was a pleasure to hold and shoot.  By the way, John is an incredible marksman and true gentleman...

One of the most unique slingshots I had the chance to hold and shoot was built from scrap motorcycle parts by Mark "Jumbo" Willis of the UK.  Mark is a motorcycle mechanic by trade and one of the very top shooters in the UK.  It may look odd, but in Jumbo's hands, it was deadly!

One of the things that makes a custom slingshot special is the work that goes into making it 'your own'.  My friend Jan  Nowak, owner of Hunting Catapults Czechoslovakia was shooting one of his own designs that he took the incredible time to hand stipple.  The slingshot felt great in the hand and it's styling was just great.

The incomparable craftsman and slingshot enthusiast, Jens Kortmann aka 'Flicks' did the Torque design proud with this flawless custom...

If you haven't figured it by now, a slingshot doesn't need to be beautiful or shapely to be deadly in the right hands.  This slingshot is owned by my good friend Ian 'Skipman' Jones from the UK.  This slingshot has particularly special meaning to him and he shoots it exceedingly well.

...and since us slingshot shooters are all just big kids at heart and love to have fun, the show wouldn't be complete without some slingshots made just for fun.

It is quite possible that slingshots could lead to world peace and harmony...but in the meantime, we are a bunch of big kids who have lost our marbles for slingshots!