Should I shoot rocks from my slingshot?

Great question, and it's one we get all the time. It brings up a big question about fork hits, band lifespan and basically, how to destroy your slingshot.

Because of the likelihood of causing damage to both your bands and slingshot, we do not offer warranty replacements for any slingshots showing signs of shooting rocks. We also do not offer a warranty for products that have clearly experienced a fork hit.

This photo shows what rocks and fork hits do to bands. This is a band from a slingshot that experienced multiple fork hits from rocks.


Pretty bad, huh?

Rocks devastate bandsets in record time. The rough surface and shape of the rock mean a much higher chance of fork hits which alone tear up bands. Add the sharp surfaces of rocks into the mix and you have a perfect recipe for destroyed bands.

Compare here the damage to the fork from both steel round ammo and rocks in these photos.


Think about it: a fork hit is a direct hit TO YOUR SLINGSHOT from point blank range. Not good. 


So how can you avoid this?

Practice, practice, practice. We strongly recommend using practice ammo ONLY until you're confident that you're not having fork hits any longer. Our Wasp Ammo is the perfect choice for learning. Practice with this ammo until you're able to avoid all fork hits, then switch to steel ammo. (Shooting rocks will ALWAYS increase the chances of fork hits no matter your skill level.)


So again, if you shoot rocks or have clear signs of fork hits, it's time for a new slingshot and bands. We can't extend a warranty on a product that's taken that kind of abuse. So practice with that Wasp Ammo and graduate to steel ammo when you are ready. Have fun and be safe!