Dipped Latex Tubing

Dipped Latex Slingshot Tubing-10'

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Available in 10' lengths

We offer premium quality dipped latex tubing from the Hygenic Corporation.  Dipped tubing versus its extruded counterparts provides for a more uniform thickness throughout, which in turn provides for more consistency from band to band and longer life.  Excellent for both looped tube bandsets and single strand bandsets.

The tubing is sold in 10' increments. 


Extra Small diameter: .062" ID/.125" OD x .031" wall thickness- available in black

Small diameter: .125" ID/.187"OD x .031" wall thickness-  available in black and amber

Medium diameter: .125"ID/.218"OD x .047" wall thickness- available in amber only

Large Diameter: .125"ID/ .250"OD x .062 wall thickness- available in black and amber

Extra Small diameter tubes are best suited for .177cal BB's in single strand or up to 5/16" diameter steel balls in looped configuration.

Small diameter tubes are best suited for looped tube bandsets or single strand bandsets for ammo up to approximately 50 grains(3/8" steel ammo)

The medium diameter tubes are excellent for hunting and target shooting.  Shot in the looped configuration, they excel with heavy ammo.  Built into pseudo tapers or single strands, they are excellent for 7/16"-1/2" steel ammo.

Large diameter tubes are best suited for single strand bandsets and heavy ammo- lead, heavy steel, and stones.

What is the difference between the black and amber?
The black material is more stable and resistant to UV degradation.  Our tests have  shown the black to be slightly slower with an easier 'pull', but the overall difference is negligible.


40 Reviews

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    Xtra Small Latex Tubing

    Posted by Fletch on Nov 13th 2015

    I buy this extra small tubing to tie bandsets to the frame. It is unbelievably tough and the elongation allows me to tie bombproof wraps finished with a square knot. Recently I've been using it to tie bands to pouches. Nice rubber to rubber contact, no cutting, no slipping. And in a pinch, you can quadruple them for a muscular bandset for hunting.

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    Dipped Latex Tubes

    Posted by Jeff K on Oct 16th 2015

    I have tried all the dipped latex tubing sizes that simple shot has to offer (the sampler pack is a great bargain). I've come to the conclusion that I like it much better then the Chinese tubing. With awesome variety in sizes you can easily match up with what ever size ammo you prefer. Of course Simpleshot's service was fast and efficient, when sending me my fresh well packaged tubing.

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    Large amber

    Posted by Sanch on Oct 1st 2015

    Awesome tubes for heavy ammo great on hunters, and Starships makes my Dreadnought happy

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    Posted by Shane Sanchez on Sep 5th 2015

    I am currently very happy with this tubing for 3/8" steel and 1/2" steel it has performed great in a pseudo taper configuration I do not chase FPS figures but I can say this stuff is fast !! Also the customer service provided was just wonderful thanks again to all the fine people here at Simple Shot! !!

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    Great little tubes!

    Posted by Beanflip on Aug 22nd 2015

    Surprisingly fast extra small tubes. Doing great for BBs as singles and pretty good with 3/8" steel as looped tube sets. I'll buy more in the future.

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    Good stuff!!

    Posted by Ellen R on Aug 20th 2015

    Delivery was prompt, and the extra small tubing is a blast to set up for many different configurations and versatile bandsets. They will last forever! I have a single pseudo taper for bb's and looped for 1/4" and 5/16", although I have no doubt it could probably chuck some 3/8" steel if it were so inclined. Paired with an E shot bb pouch, you can purchase off this site as well, it is an absolute dream combo. Happy shooting!!

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    very smooth

    Posted by peter "mr. green" yap on Aug 17th 2015

    Shipping was very fast. Ordered Friday, arrived Monday.
    I bought this product after trying out a sample given to me by AZ Stinger so I know what to expect. This small latex tube has a very smooth draw and lasts way longer than flat latex or theraband. Good as singles and pseudo for 1/4" & 5/16". I'll be trying out looped for 3/8".

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    Great Product

    Posted by Dan Hood (BIGDH2000) on Aug 7th 2015


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    Posted by Unknown on Jul 18th 2015

    I am very impressed with how long the tubs last. They are very durable.

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    Great tubing.

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 5th 2015

    Tubing was exactly what I was looking for.

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    Excellent Product

    Posted by Dan Hood (bigdh2000) on Jun 25th 2015

    I bought this specifically for BB shooters and it has performed very well. Using a single tube setup - nice light pull, enough power to BBs...marginal for 1/4" steel. Using a double tube setup - reasonable pull, enough to power 1/4" steel...marginal for 3/8" steel. Did not try anything heavier.

    If you want something for indoor shooting, using this with a single tube setup and very light ammo is perfect. Great for aluminum foil balls and marshmallows.

    NOTE: Only used at 1/2 butterfly!

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    Small amber tubing

    Posted by Paul (Flipgun) Sherman on May 14th 2015

    I ordered 10' of this tubing for the purpose of banding BB shooters. The tubing is very fresh wit an easy 5-1 stretch ratio. I found it to be a bit over powered for actual .177 BB's but very nice for 1/4" shot . For target shooting with good zip, good life and an easy draw, I recommend this product. The price can't be beat. The closest I can find on a local level is about $1.25 per foot. When I run out I will certainly buy some more.
    Happy Shootin'!