The Scout LT


Perfect for anyone looking for more fun in their lives. There are few things that will satisfy like the Scout LT!

Boasting 25 color combinations, Scout LT is your choice when you want customization and all the bells and whistles.

Outdoor Recreation - Black / Red
Outdoor Recreation - Green / Brown
Outdoor Recreation - Red / Black
Outdoor Recreation - Orange / Brown

FlipClip X

So simple, yet amazingly secure and reliable.

You'll love never thinking twice about installation of your bands! Set them and forget them. OTT and TTF settings available with just a spin of the attachment clip!

Customizable Grip

Don't just change the color. 

If you prefer a pinky hole, leave the scales off entirely. Want to add a weight? No problem. You can have it your way. 5 color options and several accessories make this the most customizable frame grip out there!

So much fun!

Step up your game . . .

With so many ways to enjoy the Scout LT, your backyard will never be the same. Choose from clays or steel. The included band set works with whatever you want!