Ocularis Plug Family

Ocularis™ Plugs

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Sold in packs of two plugs- enough for one slingshot

Ocularis™ plugs for all SimpleShot Ocularis™ compatible slingshots only. Impervious to fork hits and infinitely adjustable.  Includes two plugs and two 7/16" steel bearings.

  • For flatbands and lightweight tubular bands, choose any color
  • For heavy looped tubular bands for slingbow or heavy roundball, choose the WHITE option(may also be used with flatbands)

23 Reviews

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    better than counterfeits

    Posted by Mike on Apr 15th 2019

    I got a "fake" ocularis. I think it was a chinese manufacturer. a copy of the real simple-shot version. the plugs on that was not the perfect snug fit as the real thing. I'll stick to simple-shot products for sure instead of the fake copies that are out there.

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    Great plugs!

    Posted by Stephen Smith on Apr 30th 2018

    This is a great system and an upgrade for your slingshots

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    Ocularis Plugs

    Posted by Greg on Apr 5th 2018

    The plugs are the best. Used in a couple HDPE slingshots. Very easy to install and love the quick band attachment.

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    Red Ocularis™ Plugs

    Posted by Thistle on Jan 8th 2018

    This is my 2nd set of RED plugs. I’ve always been an enthusiastic crusader for the humble ‘plug’ attachment —in all its early forms. However, SimpleShot’s unique universal Ocularis™ Plugs exceed all expectations and are truly my favorite. I am currently favoring my REBEL Axiom Deluxe, and loving the oh-so-simple 'dial-a-fork' ocular versatility and convenience. I’ve personally never experienced any slippage with single-layer .030 Hygenic latex (up to 7/8” / 22.2mm straight) & standard 7/16” ball bearing inserts. While it’s not necessary, I do use a small gadget that my dad designed (specifically for me) to help ensure the two steel ball bearings are seated deeper than my fingers usually manage. They stay firmly secure until I remove them. This is my 2nd set of RED plugs —❛backups❜ in case I misplace or lose my 1st set. I ordered the first RED plugs exactly ONE YEAR ago, and they still look new. One special note: red darkens with active use —even with clean hands. But is not an issue. I clean the red plugs with a little Arm & Hammer pure baking soda and white vinegar with each fresh band-set. This restores brightness and aesthetic appeal. I LOVE my Ocularis™ Plugs! They’re brilliant. GREAT job, SimpleShot.
    ミ⎛◉∨◉⎞彡 ♪♫♭♬

    But please please PLEASE bring back the anodized Flipkung outdoor paracord ’survival' frames —with Ocularis™ fork tips!!

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    Great innovation

    Posted by Michael G Vaughn on Jul 20th 2017

    Ocularis plugs make switching or replacing band sets so easy. Even I can do it.

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    good product, fair price

    Posted by Stefan on Jun 30th 2017

    Very reliable and versatile attachment!
    Not only as a spare, also perfect for your homemade ocularis slingshot!

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    Posted by Donald Williamson on Feb 3rd 2017

    I have reviewed these & really like them. I have to say that Simple Shots has great products but by far their greatest asset in speedy & accurate delivery plus great customer service .

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    I keep spares

    Posted by Donald Williamson on Feb 3rd 2017

    I really like this whole system I like to keep spares.

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    Posted by URI on Jan 13th 2017


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    ocularis plugs

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 21st 2016

    work great

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    bright spot

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 16th 2016

    simply the best method of attachment when using a tubular band set; and, you can dye the white plugs any color you like.

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    Ocularis plugs

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 13th 2016

    Love this system, ordered extra, well just because,