Portable catchbox for slingshots setup

Portable Catchbox for Slingshots

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The great thing about slingshots is that you can recycle your ammo...and a good catchbox is a must!  This portable catch box folds flat for easy transport and sets up quick and easy for shooting.  This catchbox includes a backstop, inner loops for attaching targets, and loops for hanging the box from a tree or you can set it on a bench and shoot away!



16"x16"x16" assembled

16"x16"x3" collapsed


Assembly Instructions


9 Reviews

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    catchbox construction

    Posted by Tom on Dec 26th 2018

    Just as another review has said, great idea but poor execution. This is the first product from Simple Shot I have been disappointed in. I was expecting a better frame that would snap into place and would be able to be assembled securely in less than a minute so I could shoot in our warehouse at work. Many wire ties are required to keep the frame together and the stitching is already coming apart from 3/8 steel balls. The back stop is a joke. I have a hard time believing Nathan tested this and thought it was ok to put out on the market.

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    Portable catchbox

    Posted by Gary on Dec 26th 2018

    Good idea but so so execution. Overall construction is lacking. Keeping in mind that the word "portable" is in the title, nevertheless, construction is too light. The supplied backstop isn't heavy enough - 3/8" bb with 22-15 Precise red bands fly out of the box about 60% of the time. Mass of the box is too light - moves around or flips over - had to place a brick on inside to hold it in place for repetitive shooting. Stitching is "iffy" at best - only owned it for a couple weeks and stitching already coming apart. Stitching that secures the Velcro strip that attaches to the backstop has completely come apart first time it was used. Repaired with hot melt fabric glue. Wire frame tends to shift eventhough I have added several tie wraps - causes box to take an rhomboid shape after a number of shots. Probably best suited for 5/16" or smaller ammo or possibly 3/8" with minimum strength bands.

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    Box Good - Instructions not included

    Posted by Ray on Dec 6th 2018

    As a portable catchbox it is good and handles serious shooting, as long as you keep your shots inside the opening. Obviously a hit on the border can move the box around or begin to bend the frame rods. I too feel even a crude but clear drawing and a few comments on set up would be very good included with the package. The ribbons to me are not even worth putting in the product, nearly ridiculous, except it did give me the clue as to where the frame rod should be located on the bottom of the box. When broken down and flattened it is clearly less than 3 inches. Closer to 1 or 1 1/2 inches. The main ding on the catch box is ease of set up. Not realizing there are instructions and thus figuring out it's set up the first time without directions is not intuitive or fun fussing with and I like figuring things out.

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    Podrtable Catchbox

    Posted by Dave Walker on Oct 27th 2018

    I've been happy with the ActionPacker catchbox, but got to thinking about something more portable. When I saw this, I realized I didn't have to think about it any more. I wasn't sure how it was supposed to go together, but found the instructions on the website after a bit of searching. I just didn't care much for the little tie ribbons, but I found two 4 inch pieces of double-sided Velcro worked fast and well. A very reasonable price for a good portable solution.

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    Portable Catchbox

    Posted by Ron K on Oct 26th 2018

    Finally! I tried making one myself and it came out less than desired. This one is made from quality material and functions as it should. Well worth the money. Great job!

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    Catch box

    Posted by Jerry Hyman on Oct 23rd 2018

    Yup, even tho instructions are now on this website a simple paper to the link would have been a tidy thought. The ribbons are a pia and a previous reviewer suggested binder clamps which works bettah. One the box that I got one panel was shy of being square and securing the square support is less than intended but it works. Perhaps a double sided velcro factory installed to secure the rods and add a spinner. Durable, a wee inconvenient without velcro to portabilize

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    Catch Box

    Posted by George S on Oct 22nd 2018

    Very well made and surprisingly inexpensive. Works as described. No instructions but I got it set up with a little fiddling. Great purchase.

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    Posted by Patrick Forster on Oct 21st 2018

    Dead on can't wait to go camping. Using a binder clamp and a paperclip to hold the bottom rods. I believe the binder clamp is the winner. My orange wasp spinner really stand out. Love it.

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    Exellent Product

    Posted by joshua on Oct 15th 2018

    I've been on the edge of buying one of the for a while since its made up mostly of a fabric mesh and that sling shot ammo might go through it and out the back.
    I tried making my own out of wood and it ended being heavy to move and burdensome.
    So I decided to give Simple-Shot's Catch box a try.
    It came in excellent condition, but i got confused on how to set it up though since there was no instrucions.
    I ended up going to Simple-Shots support group with my problem and little later Nathan helped me by sending me instruction on how to set it up.

    It ended up being very durable when I used 3/8 steel ammo, marbles.
    I would recommend making a video on how to set it up,
    also could it possibly include a target with it in the future?
    I would've given 5 stars had there been some instructions with it or on the website.
    Other than that its a great product!