Hammer LT™ Handle - Swamp Green

Hammer LT Handle-Custom Color

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Straight out of the swamp. Introducing the Swamp Green Hammer!

For those who prefer to not to use a wrist brace or live in areas where wrist braces are restricted, the Hammer LT handle is just what you need.  
The LT handle integrates with all Hammer slingshot/slingbow components.

The LT handle does NOT support a wrist brace. The focus is keeping it slim and portable.

Swamp Green is a custom color meaning every single item is unique. Swamp green is a toxic green with brown mottling.
These custom Hammers have a very tight fit between the handle and head.
These limited edition Hammers will be available until they sell out!

1 Review

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    The color

    Posted by Warren McConachy on May 14th 2019

    Its hard to write something nice about something you initially hate and the Toxic Green color is not on my top of the hits list. I bought the Hammer parts in this green just because they were in a limited run and I just love the Hammer Slingshot system anyway.
    But, the moment I opened the box of goodies from Simple Shot I was hooked !
    The sun was shining threw the window and it hit the first handle – the LT – with such a force that it made the handle vibrate with a multiple intensity of green colors. The same happens under normal incandescent lighting as well. It can be a dark color or any shade in between up to a very light shade of green.
    I have the XT and LT handles, both the XT and LT sling-bow heads and an LT slingshot head.
    The LT slingshot head is set up on the XT handle with limited edition blue plugs and GZK orange 1.0mm rubber an inch and a quarter wide.It shoots with devastating force.
    The picture on Simple Shots web sight does not do this color the justice it deserves. I will be buying another couple of LT heads so I can just change heads instead of having to change bands when I want to use different strengths of rubber banding. That's the great thing about this system, its interchangeability and you can mix or match the colors as you desire.
    Toxic Green should never have been used to describe this color as the very name is off putting !
    It is Swamp Green and that suites it very nicely as far as I’m concerned.