ProShot Scout™ Camo LE

ProShot Scout™ Camo LE

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The Scout™ from SimpleShot, cast in aluminum by Milbro ProShot UK

This cast slingshot was molded from a Scout™ made by the folks at Team SimpleShot.


This slingshot will include two FlipClips™ and one 7/8"x .030"x 10" latex flatband assembly.

Camo pattern is unique on each slingshot.

1 Review

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    Posted by Kyle Sperling on Dec 9th 2017

    It looks great. The powder coat is really nice. Mine had a few micro bubbles in the finish that smoothed out well with a piece of #0000 steel wool pulled over the eraser end of a pencil & the powder coat wasn't even affected in those spots. The feel is esceptionally comfortable & the weight is spot on for my liking. It shoots Great. It's very accurate. In my opinion, its one of the most versatile sling shots I've found. Having both dedicated TTF & OTF band positions that allows for both traditional tying and/or flip clip use. It works with tube bands as well. Watch this site videos to see all the variable ways to hook this thing up with multiple bands. Its a large frame sling shot. I'm not affraid to calipult a sizable rock through the forks. I have a medium size hand and have trouble with a pinch grip on this frame but a fork support, or a finger thumb support grip feels at home. Hammer grip works great with the palm swell provided in this model, however, your hand ends up further away from your bands. Also call me old fashion, but I like the squared off site picture these forks provide. I find it easier to check my form and it provides a more consistent site picture IMO as compared to rounded over forks. I'm very happy with my purchase & with it being aluminum, It will surely hold up to what ever abuse I can put it through & still be something nice enough to pass down to my son.