FlippinOut Slingshots are known worldwide for excellence in design and craftsmanship.  Nathan Masters, owner and craftsman at FlippinOut Slingshots, takes tremendous care and pride in creating slingshots that function as beautifully as they appear.  Custom work is his specialty and his work can be seen on slingshot enthusiast forums the world over.  FlippinOut Slingshots have dominated the tournament scene in the USA since they were first introduced and are the choice of collectors and shooters alike.  Simple Shot Shooting Sports is proud to be the exclusive, worldwide dealer for FlippinOut Custom Slingshots.


Lee Silva, owner and craftsman at Black Sheep Forge brings to Simple Shot a level of mastery that elevates the slingshot craft yet again.  Working with iron and utilizing only traditional methods of manufacure, Lee coaxes life from metal, animates the inanimate, and delights the eye of the discerning slingshot enthusiast.  We are proud to represent Lee Silva and his line of exquisite custom slingshots alongside the very best slingshot craftsmen in the world today.
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