LT or XT Head?

LT or XT Head?

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Feb 27th 2019


Great question. We're here to help.


  • The LT heads are built around the Ocularis™ banding system.
  • The LT heads accommodate all bands, but the XT excels with single-strand tubes.
  • The LT heads are designed to be used exclusively for slingshot OR slingbow although the slingbow head may be used in slingshot mode.
  • The LT heads have aiming dimples for TTF and have a rounded forktip.

Bottom Line: The LT Heads are for shooters who love Ocularis™ banding and who would rather keep two heads handy to switch between slingshot / slingbow.


  • The XT heads are built around the FlipClip™ attachment system.
  • Best for shooting single-strand heavy tubes for slingbow mode.
  • The XT head converts from slingbow to slingshot mode with a two-screw conversion.
  • The XT slingshot head is a more standard configuration with taller forks and a generous fork gap.

Bottom Line: The XT Head is for those who want FlipClip™ X instead of Ocularis, who want to shoot single-strand tubes and prefer a flat forktip.

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