Kangaroo Pouch (3 pack)

Kangaroo Pouch (3 pack)

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Kangaroo leather is renowned for its strength to weight ratio and makes one of the most sought after slingshot pouches.  We offer a single layer, die-cut Kangaroo skin pouch that accommodates a wide variety of ammo- from 1/4" steel through paintballs.

Low stretch, light weight, and superb strength= premium slingshot pouch performance.  If you are seeking the lightest weight pouch, then look no further than our premium drum stuffed kangaroo leather pouches.
For those who like a minimal pouch and shoot projectiles from 5/16"-7/16" choose the 5/8"-5mm
For a good 'do it all' pouch and shoot projectiles from  3/8"-1/2" choose the 3/4"-5mm
For large ammo- 1/2"+ choose the large/standard size  
Please note colors may vary from photos.  You may receive brown, red, or black or combination thereof.

4 Reviews

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    Best pouches simple shot sells

    Posted by Ian MacDonald on Jun 2nd 2019

    These are the toughest pouches that simple shot sells. Save your money on all the others, these last and don’t stretch like the standard ones they sell do. They are thin so that may bother some people but these are my fav

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    Excellent pouches

    Posted by Ian MacDonald on May 12th 2019

    These are some of my favourite pouches, sometimes it’s hard to find a long enough pouch for larger shot but these work great. Compared to the standard pouches which stretch way too much these do not and they wear very well, absolutely worth the money.

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    Kangaroo pouch

    Posted by Hector on Apr 13th 2019

    These pouches are great. They are tough, and will last a long time. I noticed my release became a lot smoother using these pouches. Very high quality in my opinion. I would definitely buy again.

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    LOVE roo pouches!

    Posted by SlingShot Junkie on Nov 9th 2018

    Roo pouches will always be a top pouch choice. These pouches are excellent in all ways. Durable but supple. Great size.

    Try these pouches!