Band Tying Jig

Band Tying Jig

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Ever felt like you needed a third hand when tying your own bands?  This adjustable jig is just the ticket!  Check out the video for more information.

6 Reviews

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    Posted by Eugene Visneski on Jun 2nd 2019

    This a great little band tying jig, I used it today for the first time and it worked well as it is however, after I used it, I decided it needs a bit of work. There is a lot of play in the connecting arms so I had to peen the rivets down a bit to reduce that play to a minimum. I also put heat shrink over post, unnecessary but doesn't hurt it either, last thing I did was to put a strip of gorilla tape on bottom edges which help keep it from sliding around and it also prevents scratching surfaces. It only took me about 10 minutes to make these improvements and now it is even better. At any rate, for the price it is a very nice jig as it is and it certainly makes tying bands very easy.

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    I needed this

    Posted by Joseph Rossi on May 2nd 2019

    I love this jig. It does one thing but it is an expert in that one thing. It comes with some nice hemostats covered in thick rubber that don’t slip on the bands under tension. The only bad thing is the shipping materials it came in. Mine came in a bubble shipping envelop. I guess the post office was a little ruff on mine in transit because the base of the post hook end and post it’s self was bent in shipping. Also one of the welds is broken under the base holding it together. I bent it all back in shape. Should be shipped in a box to minimize that kind of shipping damage. One other thing is the rivets that are the hinges have a lot of play in them. Not in the direction of pull but back and forth. That is also not a problem for me because it does what I need it to do because tiring a lot of bands you need four hands to tie a slingshot pouch properly.

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    It gets the job done

    Posted by RomeoAlfa on Mar 25th 2019

    I think the idea is a 10/10 but I think execution is a 3/10. All of the parts in the tensioning lever mechanism and very loose and the rivets are barely holding it together. The nuts should be wing nuts to tighten by hand instead of requiring a wrench. It works just fine but I would rather pay more money for a better quality version of the product.

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    Band Tying Jig

    Posted by Gary Tucker on Feb 15th 2019

    If you are making several bad sets at one sitting the base of the jig needs to be clamped down or mounted on a board - the C channel base is not stable as it is too narrow.

    The wormanship is rather shotty - the rivets that hold the cam and handle in place are really cheaply made. Better quality rivets would remove the play in the mechanism.

    Apparently the receiver for the adjustment bolt is only partially tapped - the bolt will only screw in about 2/3 - a problem if you are using a stretched pouch.

    It is somewhat tedious to have to clamp the band with the included hemostat then place it behind the yoke to stretch the band - a spring clamp would work better.

    A good idea and it more or less does what it is designed to do - but lacking in fit / finish gets it 3 stars.

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    Posted by Andy on Jan 12th 2019

    This jig makes tying bands very easy and comfortable to use.... I actually look forward to making bandsets

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    The name of the game.

    Posted by ivan H on Nov 29th 2018

    Every time i research "how to be a better shooter" i hear the word " consistency" . Consistent anchor, consistent band size, consistent tie down.. This is absolutely true, i own about 10 slingshot and ive never seen cleaner and consistent band to pouch tie downs until now. The Jig pull is the same every single time and the end result looks and performs better than ever. Re-tied all my slingshots with this Jig. The Jig is solid, easy to use, adjustable , light weight and very affordable. A+++. Great work Simple Shot Team!!