Linatex Sheets

Linatex® Sheets

Sold in 12"x12"x1/16" sheets

Linatex® rubber compound was developed to line mining chutes and equipment, so it was made to be very tough and abrasion resistant.  It just so happens that it also displays important characteristics of quality slingshot elastic.  With one of highest elongation factors(800%) of any elastic used in slingshot sport, Linatex® provides for the slingshot enthusiast a rubber that is long lasting and excels at shooting heavier ammo at decent velocity.  Due to its originally intended purpose, this is a perfect rubber for giveaway slingshots or slingshots that will be exposed to conditions that would otherwise destroy latex and its variants.

We source our Linatex® directly from the manufacturer to ensure that the required tolerances are consistent.  The Linatex® you can purchase from other online vendors displays uneven sectional thickness and produces much waste for the DIY slingshot enthusiast.  Our sheets are consistent from edge to edge.


Sold in 12"x12"x1/16" sheets