Band Tying Jig

Band Tying Jig

Bands not included.

Tying your own bandsets? Then you need a jig!

This jig does it all. Fully adjustable (even the wrench is included) for every band you throw at it, the slingshot handset jig will clamp down on tour band as you are tying and provide the exact amount of stretch needed for success.

The clamp is a soft material that will not damage your bands and is easily adjustable to provide just the right tension.

The stretching mechanism grabs onto your pouch (centering hole or no centering hole) to provide the stretch you need to make a strong tie that won't let go.

Comes with suction cup feet and a wrench. The hole in the frame also allows a desk mount if desired.

If you're not tying your own bands, you're missing out.

If you are not using a reliable jig, you're missing out.