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Zero Sales. All Rewards.

Feb 03, 2022

Black Friday Pricing All Year Long?

This one is about sales.

And love 'em or hate 'em, they're going away this year.


They're going away.


No sales.

See, sales are great (you get excited and it's a fun time to save money and buy new slingshots).

Cool. That's fun . . .

But it also causes some trouble. Because when SO many people jump in and buy the slingshots and slingshot accessories at once, it creates a lot of stress on us.

  • Stress on our supply chains. We run out of slingshots every year during sales.
  • Stress on the team. Our team is over-worked right at the time of year that they'd like to be spending time with friends and family.
  • Stress on logistics. You've seen it before during sales. We get backed up and can't get orders out as fast as you'd like.

So we've decided after a very long discussion to declare Year X 100% sale-free.

We've updated our pricing this year. As you've noticed, we've got to whole dollar amounts on our pricing.

No more 99 cent pricing. Just clear dollar prices.

And this year: no sales.

The price you see today is the price you will see tomorrow and every other day this year.

This serves us and you better.

  • Supply. Without sales that create rushes on products, we can keep the supply chain working better year round.
  • Our team. Sales are the #1 stress on our team. Without them, there's no need to wait to make a purchase (and our team won't be slammed all at once around the holidays.)
  • Logistics. When we have one big sale a year, we end up being the busiest when our carriers are busiest. And that means a few things, not the least of which is that your precious slingshot order has a higher likelihood of being delayed or even lost.

So this is one major change for Year X.

• Black Friday pricing all year long.

• Rewards program earns you discounts at any time.

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