What is the best slingshot for hunting?

What is the best slingshot for hunting?

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Mar 8th 2021

We see this question a lot: "What is the best hunting slingshot?"

Spoiler alert: it's not so much the slingshot as it is the bands and ammo that make a slingshot a hunting slingshot. But that's not what you're here for, so here's the full answer.

So what makes a slingshot a hunting slingshot, and what makes a hunting slingshot the best hunting slingshot? We would say it works like this: 

A slingshot is an excellent hunting slingshot if it is capable of holding bands that will send a hunting weight slingshot projectile towards your target with velocity (and therefore the energy) and accuracy at the range necessary to cleanly and humanely dispatch the game.

That's a mouthful, but that is the precise answer to the question of which slingshot is best for hunting.

All slingshots from SimpleShot therefore are hunting slingshots! All the slingshots you will find at SimpleShot are capable of doing everything a hunting slingshot needs to do. All the slingshots from SimpleShot come with band sets that are very capable of firing hunting weight slingshot projectiles with the velocity and accuracy needed for hunting with slingshots. And all the hunting slingshots from SimpleShot are capable of the accuracy needed to hunt humanely with slingshots.

The rest is up to you. You need to learn how to tune your slingshot bands to make them suitable for hunting with a slingshot. You need to learn how to shoot a slingshot with the consistency and accuracy required for slingshot hunting.

So that's what makes a slingshot a hunting slingshot. 

The personal preference part of choosing a slingshot for hunting is up to you. The rest is knowledge and practice.

And as always, if you are hunting with a slingshot you need to take care to respect the game, make a clean kill, and remember to be certain of every shot when hunting with a slingshot. Always follow safety standards when hunting with a slingshot and have fun.

Almost any slingshot can be a hunting slingshot when tune in with the appropriate bands and ammo. And every slingshot from SimpleShot is very capable of being a hunting slingshot.

We strongly recommend the course Nathan taught at slingshot mastery to attain the kind of accuracy and marksmanship required for slingshot hunting.

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