What is the best slingshot ammo for hunting with slingshots?

What is the best slingshot ammo for hunting with slingshots?

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Mar 1st 2021

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When hunting with slingshots, what ammo should I use?

In order to answer this question you need to understand how the slingshot operates as a hunting tool. See, slingshots generally do not develop the kind of velocity it would take to penetrate game.

So when you are considering what the best slingshot ammo is for hunting with slingshots, you must understand that slingshots do not kill from penetration. It is unlikely that your info will penetrate the game you are hunting with a slingshot.

Slingshots are still an excellent choice when hunting, but if you are hunting the slingshots he will not expect penetration from the shot. Rather, hunting is successful with a slingshot because of blunt force trauma.

It is important to understand one hunting with slingshots the importance of where the shot is placed. We would say the placement of the shot is more critical than the type of ammo used. It is absolutely critical that the shot land in the vitals. This means either a direct headshot or a shot perfectly in the boilermaker area, that is the vitals in the chest cavity (heart and lungs).

So there is no "best ammo for slingshot hunting." But there are some general rules of thumb.

First, you want to try to generate 12 or more foot pounds of energy. That's approximately 16 Newton meters. This is just a general rule of thumb. We are not saying the 12 foot pounds is absolutely mandatory. There are lots of slingshot hunters out there taking game successfully with a slingshot shooting well under that 12 foot pounds or 16 Newton meters of energy.

But we're talking rules of thumb here. To have the greatest chance of taking the game cleanly and humanely, generating that 12 foot pounds of energy and making sure the shot is placed in the vitals is critical.

Second, we believe that lead is still the best choice for a slingshot hunting. Because of its higher density compared to steal, lead will always produce more energy and therefore more blunt force trauma than steel. Compared to steel slingshot ammo, lead slingshot ammo will put more energy out with a smaller diameter than steel can.

Third, make sure your bands are well-suited and well tuned to put out as much velocity as possible with the ammo you are shooting. We cannot stress enough the importance of matching your bands to your ammo all the time, but especially when hunting. We owe it to the game to generate the maximum possible velocity with the slingshot ammo.

Finally, accuracy is a non-negotiable. You need to be able to place your chosen slingshot ammo on a target the size of a ping-pong ball from whatever distance you will be hunting from. If you are shooting at a distance where you cannot reliably hit a ping-pong ball, you need to not hunt with your slingshot from that distance. Always hunt from a distance you know you can successfully hit a ping-pong ball with your chosen slingshot ammo.

To summarize. Whether you are shooting a lighter slingshot ammo faster or shooting a dense slingshot ammo slower, make sure of the following:

1. Generate energy

2. Hit the head or boilermaker

3. Make sure you're taking shots that you are confident about

So the best slingshot ammo for hunting is the slingshot ammo that you can shoot consistently and accurately, and the ammo that generates the most energy downrange possible. Not an easy answer. But hunting with a slingshot is not easy.

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