Unlock deep deep discounts!

Unlock deep deep discounts!

Nov 21st 2017

How does a sale on a sale sound?

Well that's exactly what you get with our new add-on sales.

Add an item to your cart and you'll see a pop-up with specially tailored sales.

Oh no pop-ups right?

Well, check this out.

We've had in-cart sales running for years. 

Raise your hand if you knew about them.

Exactly. Not so many hands up right now, huh? 

Well, we want to offer sales based on what you have in your cart, but no one noticed. So now it's harder than ever to miss because when you add an item to your cart, we'll present you with one-time offers. They're limit one, so you can't exactly stock up.

But we can't exactly offer sales on sales all the time either, right?

We think you're going to love these. We're talking $10.99 for a kit that's regularly $23. 

So when you add a product to your cart, see if you've unlocked a deal. Have fun!

Here's what it'll look like: