Posted by Team SimpleShot on Sep 5th 2013

Most folks who were born before 1970 and spent any time with their bean flippin' elders remember red rubber inner tubes, boot tongues and tree forks. For those who came along after that high time of slingshots, many a story has been heard regarding the venerable red rubber. With the continual advances in materials science, the red rubber of yesteryear has been replaced with butyl rubber... absolutely worthless for slingshot bands. Likewise, due to the advances of modern elastomers we now have a replacement for the old school red rubber- Linatex. Linatex was originally developed for the mining industry to line chutes and protect parts from vibration. It was made to be extremely strong, resistant to solvents, and capable of extreme elongation...just about the perfect slingshot rubber.

Linatex is not as fast as latex, but it excels where thinner latex fails. Linatex loves to be abused and it throws heavy ammo smooth and hard. What's more, it has the classic look of the red rubber inner tubes and makes a dogwood fork look like something Rufus would have shot himself as a youth. If you are looking for a slingshot elastic that is great for hunting, plinking, and long lasting... look no further. 

[ UPDATE 2020 ] When current stock sells out, it's gone. Unfortunately, quality has decreased as cost has increased, so we will no longer be offering Linatex.