Slingbows and the Future of Bowhunting

Slingbows and the Future of Bowhunting

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Jun 10th 2015

For the last several years, slingbows, or rubber powered arrow shooters have been gaining popularity amongst hunters and sportsmen.  So much so that there now exists a growing lobby to legalize slingbows for big game hunting in many states in the USA.  Who would have thought that a slingshot could propel a hunting weight arrow with more efficiency than many traditional bows?  Not only are slingbows less expensive than traditional bows, but are more compact and just as efficient for harvesting game at average hunting distances.  This has the archery industry on high alert and folks around the nation are building slingbows and doing well as they seek to help lawmakers understand the power and precision slingbows are capable of generating.

A few pioneer businesses are already working to supply the growing demand for slingbows and doing well, as witnessed by a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, check it out here.

SimpleShot is entering this growing market with a revolutionary new slingshot/slingbow slated to debut in the fall of 2015. As always, SimpleShot is doing so with tremendous style and modern manufacturing.  Stay tuned for more info as the sport grows and the archery industry pushes back against the rubber powered menace to their market share.  Here is a sneak peak at the patent pending slingshot/slingbow we have in store for the discerning sportsman.