SimpleShot slingshots get a new bandset upgrade!

SimpleShot slingshots get a new bandset upgrade!

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Oct 14th 2020

Have you noticed anything new about your SimpleShot slingshot?

Well, if you've received a slingshot in the past few weeks, you may have noticed that it came with TWO bandsets, not just one.

Here's why:

1. It's in the nature of latex.
Latex doesn't last forever. So . . . slingshot bands don't last forever. It's just how it is. There's so much that we love about slingshot bands, but there is physically and scientifically no way around the fact that they do not last forever. 

So, in order to make your experience with your new slingshot great for an extended period of time, we've included your first "replacement" bandset!

By the way, if you have participated the foundations course that Nathan teaches over at Slingshot Mastery, you will have heard a LOT about latex, the nature of latex, why we love it so much, and its inherent weaknesses. Understanding latex is truly a key to understanding everything else about slingshots.

2. It's in the nature of latex.

This sounds familiar, right? 

Well, latex is a natural material. And as a natural material, it does have defects. All of the great slingshot latex products in the world ALL have this in common. The percentage is very low, but about 1 - 2% of all top-tier slingshot latex has minuscule defects that are invisible until used.

So now, any time you buy a SimpleShot slingshot, you're covered juuuust in case you are in that 1 - 2%. 

Of course, if you do have a problem with your bandset, let us know and we are happy to replace it for you. No problem. But now, at least you're still shooting while you wait for the replacement!

We supply 7/16" steel (that's the ammo it's rated for) with our slingshots because it is the best "all-around" bandset. If you're chucking heavy steel, these bands will do it with authority. Tune them in to 5.5x and they'll fly. If you're shooting 3/8" steel, shorten up your elongation and watch them fire with amazing velocity!

If you know you're shooting smaller ammo, we recommend buying bands to match your ammo, but these 7/16 bands are amazing! Give them a try and we believe you'll LOVE them.

We have tested every last latex that we know of on the market, and we are thrilled with our current formulation of SimpleShot black. It's adorable, and super speedy. We think he will love it.

And now, every slingshot we sell comes with two band sets instead of one.