Our newest dealer – ProShot UK!

Our newest dealer – ProShot UK!

Posted by Team SimpleShot on May 19th 2017

SimpleShot is proud to announce our newest dealer: ProShot UK.

In our commitment to top notch customer service, we carefully selected ProShot UK to be our dealer in the UK. Now slingshot enthusiasts in the UK can purchase domestically from ProShot UK.

ProShot UK

ProShot UK has been a long time supporter of slingshots and the slingshot community and are well known for their cast metal slingshots. SimpleShot has worked with ProShot for the last several years to bring you some our most popular designs in cast metals. 

You can be certain that the same level of customer care and support that you've come to know from SimpleShot® will be found with our friends at ProShot UK!

Check out the selection of SimpleShot® products at ProShot UK. Click here to view