Name This Slingshot and Giveaway

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Jul 17th 2015

UPDATE: This slingshot was named the Beanflip!

We are great at coming up with slingshot designs...but not so great at coming up with names for them.  We need your help naming our newest slingshot.  This slingshot is roughly based on the same dimensions and proportions of the Scout slingshot but sports the Ocularis™ attachment method and pinky hole.  Designed to be a side shooter, this slingshot is also quite comfortable shooting anywhere in between upright and horizontal and still be slim enough for a back pocket.  The first release will be in 1/2" HDPE as shown in the photo of the rough prototype.

Here is what we need from you... ideas for names, share them here on the blog and your name will be entered into a random drawing in two weeks.  If we choose the name you provided we will send you one for FREE!

Time to get creative friends, whatcha got for us?