Meet the whole Torque family.

Meet the whole Torque family.

Mar 6th 2018

The Torque family has come of age.

Now, the torque is available in black, green, orange, and red. Right now, we even have a couple white Torques left. But they won't last long.

What do people love about the  Torque Slingshot? Lots of things.

One, they love its size. The torque is the thinnest slingshot we make. It easily slips in just about any pocket. 

Also, the torque is just plain cool. It's a symmetrical shape and cool textures mean this is one slick looking slingshot. It's asymmetrical shape also makes it a favorite of gangsta style shooters. 

And now that the Torque – for a limited time – comes in five colors, it means the torque is the most colorful slingshot out there as well.

We are proud of the torque slingshot and many of our customers are proud of it as well.

Men and women who love the outdoors tend to love the torque. Why? Well, because of its thin profile and how easy it is to toss it in a bag during a hike or campout. The orange or red are perfect for the hiker for camper who doesn't want to lose his slingshot.

Who else loves the torque? Hunters love the torque. Again, they love it because of its thin profile. But hunters also love the orange color, And the ease with which they can take the Torque on a hunting trip. The Torque is the perfect choice for a hunter wanting to scare off a pesky squirrel or to drive game.

Urban slingshot shooters love the  torque as well. Check out some of our customer images on the tort page to see what people have done with their Torque slingshots.

Some creative folks have done some great paracord wraps on the Torque. And some people just love to have fun in ways he really couldn't dream up!