Meet the amazing warehouse team  - shipping slingshots!

Meet the amazing warehouse team - shipping slingshots!

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Nov 18th 2020

Have you ever placed an order at 10:30 PM and found your shipping confirmation and tracking number when you woke up in the morning?

Well, when that happens, it's thanks to our AMAZING warehouse team!

The magic happens thanks to these wonderful folks who are part of the team here:


Linda has been with SimpleShot for eight years, first becoming our resident band tying expert before expanding into packaging/assembly and finally moving into her current role as our main shipper. If you've shot a SimpleShot slingshot over the past 8 years, chances are good that she had a hand in putting that bandset together.
She fulfills orders with astonishing speed and the utmost care, ensuring you receive your order safely and quickly. What's more, she's a team player with an endless supply of inventive ideas who routinely goes above and beyond just to help her coworkers. 

She shoots her Scout LT with clay ammo.


The newest member of our team, Angel ensures the inventory shelves remain fully stocked with completed products that are ready to head out the door, carefully and efficiently carrying products through the processes of quality control, assembly, and packaging. Angel is a continuously kind and fun presence in the warehouse, and he crushes out more than enough slingshots and other goods to keep our operation running smoothly. 

He shoots his Scout XT with his son, and they use clay ammo.


If you've spoken with support. you've likely been chatting with Aaron.
Aaron has been with SimpleShot for several years, starting as the main shipper before moving into the role of warehouse manager. He works with Linda and Angel to keep the entire warehouse running efficiently, and he also handles customer service and inventory/supply chain management. 

He shoots his Axiom Ocularis or Scout LT with 5/16" steel ammo.

And speaking of the team, as we head into the holiday season, these folks will be working overtime to get your orders shipped.

Please be patient as they work hard (and give them a good 7 business days to get your order out the door during the busy season)!