Introducing the new Axiom Ocularis™ Slingshot!

Introducing the new Axiom Ocularis™ Slingshot!

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Mar 6th 2018

It's finally here!

Today, we introduce the Axiom Ocularis™ slingshot from SimpleShot Shooting Sports.

This slingshot has been in the works since 2015, when Nathan Masters first made his own personal custom Axiom Ocularis™ slingshot. This slingshot has been Nathan's go-to slingshot for three years now. He shoots it almost exclusively, and has won the past three east coast slingshot tournaments with this slingshot.

But it was Nathan's dream to bring his favorite slingshot to the masses. So, we've been working with Mark Seljan To bring Nathan's personal favorite to you!

We literally scanned Nathan's slingshot, making sure that the slingshot you can now buy is as close as possible to the original. We've added a few things to the original design, but the overall shape size and functionality is just like this award-winning slingshot.

We've kept the slim profile of the Axiom Ocularis™ To make sure that the slingshot easily fits in your pocket, but we also wanted to make sure it had a full-size palm swell. Not only did we keep the full size palm swell, we added grooves in the handle for superior grip and we added a slot down the middle so that all you paracord gurus out there can make your Axiom Ocularis™ your own with some awesome paracord wraps.

We can't wait to see what you come up with.

This slingshot uses the Ocularis™ Band attachment system for super simple setup and extreme versatility. With the Ocularis™ band attachment system, you can set up your slingshot in over-the-top, through the forks, and even a 45° angle on your band sets. When you purchase an Axiom Ocularis™ Sling shot, we will email you a digital owners manual.This video will queue through everything you need to set up your new Axiom Ocularis™ Slingshot.

We are very proud to be introducing this new slingshot. We believe that this slingshot encapsulates everything a great slingshot should have. Small size yet big enough to be used by just about anyone. The best band attachment system out there. A full-size palm swell for excellent grip. Four colors. A customizable grip. And finally, a design that is based on a slingshot that has one as many competitions as any other.

Here is or video of Nathan telling the story behind this slingshot.

Next, we have a video really getting into the specs of this new slingshot. If you'd like to know its size, weight, fork gap, etc., go ahead and give this video a watch.

We hope you enjoy using this slingshot as much as we have enjoyed making it. This slingshot embodies so much of what we love about slingshots, Particularly the joy of SimpleShot. The simple tool of a slingshot can bring so much joy and appreciation into anyone's life.

We hope this slingshot will bring plenty of happiness to your life.