International Slingshot Day is February 20th!

International Slingshot Day is February 20th!

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Jan 28th 2022

International Slingshot Day is February 20th

Welcome to the first of its kind: International Slingshot Day.

Here's the story:

These days there seems to be a holiday for about anything and everything. Some of these days are great and some can be downright silly, we think. So we decided that it was time for an International Slingshot Day. 

A day to celebrate slingshots and the people who mentored us in slingshots. A day to offer a tribute to the people who mean the most to us and helped us most in the joy of slingshots.

So here's the challenge for International Slingshot Day. 

Think of the one person who influenced you most in your journey into slingshots, and give a tribute to that person. International slingshot day will be a tribute to the people who mean the most to us in the world of slingshots.

In our intro video, Nathan gives you is tribute for international slingshot day. No one influence Nathan more than the great "Blue" Skeen, so Nathan's submission for international slingshot day is in honor of Richard "Blue" Skeen.

No one influenced Nathan quite like "Blue" Skeen, so Nathan left his tribute for you in honor of his slingshot mentor, Blue. And we chose February 20th because it's Blue's birthday.

So we hereby declare that February 20th is now International Slingshot day this year and every year.

Who will YOU honor on International Slingshot Day 2022?

This is your chance to honor the person (people) who influenced you most in our favorite sport of slingshot shooting. 

Who inspired you?

Who taught you the love of the sport?

Who showed you the joy of slingshots?

This (and every) February 20th, let's honor the people who helped us discover the joy of slingshots.

You can write an article.

You can make a video.

Make a presentation of any kind.

Just give your tribute to the person you want to honor and let us know where it is.

Submit the link to your tribute to us at and we will re-post it to our site on February 20th.

Who will you honor for International Slingshot Day 2022?