How can I improve my grip on the slingshot pouch?

How can I improve my grip on the slingshot pouch?

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Mar 24th 2021

My thumb and index finger lose grip on the slingshot pouch. Do you have a recommendation for slick fingers or slick pouches?

How to improve your grip on the slingshot pouch.

The quick and easy answer is to just use the rough side of the pouch. You can just flip that band set around and have the rough side of the slingshot pouch facing out.

Most slingshot pouches made out of natural materials such as leather or even most microfiber pouches have one smooth side and one rough side. Usually, the rough side is facing in, but this is not a rule that must be followed. Also, it is recommended to keep the ears of the band set (that is the little tabs of latex hanging out from the tie in) facing out. This also is not a rule that must be followed but simply a best practice. You can always just flip that band set around and shoot it with the rough side out and ears facing in.

This is by far the simplest way to deal with the problem of not being able to grip the pouch. Of course, if you tie your own bands (and we recommend that you do), you can just start tying your bands for your slingshot in this fashion, with the rough side of the pouch facing out with the ears of the bands are also facing out.

Also, experiment with different types of pouches. There are thicker microfiber pouches that may be able to give you for the slingshot pouch grip you need.

And remember, you can rough up the outside of your pouch with sandpaper.

The best option is to tie your own band sets for your slingshot so that you can decide exactly which pouch works best for you and then keep using it

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