Fowler shoots Slingshots on Go Big Show!

Fowler shoots Slingshots on Go Big Show!

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Feb 11th 2021

Slingshots come to the Go-Big Show!

Zachary Fowler brings a slingshot to Go Big!

Alone season three winner, slingshot nut,  Sparrow inventor, SimpleShot representative, and YouTube sensation Zach Fowler competes tonight in a talent contest called "Go-Big Show" on cable network TBS.

And Zach is competing with none other than the SimpleShot sparrow slingshot.

Zach is the inventor of the Simpleshot slingshot called the  sparrow. Named after his daughter, the Sparrow slingshot is an exact replica of Zach Fowler's favorite slingshot. And the sparrow is the slingshot of choice for Zach, tonight.

Zach first became interested in slingshots Wayback when he was on history channel alone, season three. Before he went on the show, Fowler consulted with Nathan, founder of SimpleShot, to get advice on what latex to take on the show. Although Zach was not successful in hunting with the slingshot in Patagonia, it started an interest in slingshots that has only grown until today.

Fowler took a handmade slingshot into the Patagonia, and while he was there used the latex a very creative way for a number of things. Once he got back home, taking it up a notch and really get into slingshots was the natural next step.

Fowler Slingshot - Go Big Show

Since then Zach has become a dealer of Simpleshot products, has become skilled at shooting a slingshot, and started a sensational YouTube channel showing off his skills, With slingshot shooting skills as a centerpiece.

Zach plans to do some of his well-known tricks with a slingshot on the show. Fowler is planning to shoot a card out from between two bottles with one shot and also do the well-known match light with a slingshot. This show is off the walls, so we'll see how Zach can share among all the other contestants.

Good luck Zach! Show them how it's done with a slingshot!

UPDATE: after knocking down the first three targets with ease (we're saying with EASE) a barely-missed shot, a hit, and another hit on the final target was not quite enough to get Zach through.

Scoring nearly 30 points more than the contestants of the final round on the show was not enough to get Zach through his own round, but that was a fine piece of shooting. Everyone who shoots slingshots knows how hard it is to hit the side of a card, and those three shots showed how amazingly accurate one can be with a slingshot.

So way to go Zach. Keep your head high and know that that was a fantastic showing to the world of what is possible with a slingshot.