Does a pouch twist help? Does a pouch twist hurt? Why use a pouch twist?

Does a pouch twist help? Does a pouch twist hurt? Why use a pouch twist?

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Feb 24th 2021

Is there an advantage or disadvantage to a pouch twist?

Read or watch the video below to hear Nathan's thoughts on the pouch twist when shooting a slingshot.

It is common for slingshot shooters to get their pouch a slight twist when they are shooting. In the past, a lot of theories said that a slight pouch twist could help the slingshot shooter avoid fork hits. We now believe that this is not so much the case but that most fork hits are a result of a poor release of some kind.

A pouch twist is unlikely to solve fork hit problems. The thing to do if you need to reduce fork hits is to work on your release.

So does it hurt to twist the pouch up to 90°? Now, we are not watching super slow mo footage to support this argument, but we are looking at groupings of shots on the target and seeing success rates based on accuracy and consistency.

When shooting through the forks, it is less likely for any slingshot shooter to incorporate a pouch twist, especially when holding the frame sideways in gangster style. However, if it helps you anchor your draw better, a pouch twist is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it would be hard to overstate the value of incorporating anything into your slingshot shooting that improves your anchoring and therefore consistency.

If you are drawing past a cheek anchor, for example to your ear or even past, you may already be incorporating a pouch twist between 45° and 90°. When shooting his slingshot, Nathan uses about a 45° pouch twist when he is drying past his normal cheek anchor point.

It is our opinion that a pouch twist up to 90° does not negatively affect your shot at all. In fact, if it helps you be more consistent in your slingshot draw, it is likely to impact your slingshot shooting and slingshot accuracy positively.

Also, if you have an injury or have a lack of mobility in your drying arm and hand, a pouch twist may be of great help.

And as we always say, consistency is key. If it helps you be more consistent in your slingshot shooting, it is sure to help your overall success with accuracy and everything slingshot shooting. If it helps you be consistent, go for it.