Introducing the LE Axiom and Scout LT

Introducing the LE Axiom and Scout LT

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Mar 19th 2021

The wait is over. 

The case is open.

Winners have been selected.

Announcing the first metal custom slingshot from SimpleShot in years!

Today we release the Scout LT and Axiom Ocularis slingshots in a limited edition CNC cut aluminum! These are the same Scout and Axiom frames you already love, but these are in a precision aluminum that you are going to love even more.

These custom Limited addition slingshots come in for possible colors. The scout slingshot comes with contrasting frame and palm scales in black and silver. The Axiom comes in either black or gunmetal.

And are these slingshots ever beautiful.

These are identical in form to the slingshots we already sell. These have not been modified from the slingshots you already know and love in any way other than the changes necessary to be able to mill these slingshots out of metal instead of mold them from polycarbonate or nylon.

But for those who just love a new slingshot for those who love a heavier slingshot frame, these slingshots are what you are looking for. The added heft from the metal gives the frame a very solid feel in the hand, and . . .

they just look cool.

Check out the video below to hear Nathan tell the story of how this product came to be. We love that this product is an international project. People from all over the world love slingshots and people from all over the world are building the best slingshots in the world. We hope you enjoy this video.