Custom Color Slingshots: How do you make them and when will there be more?

Custom Color Slingshots: How do you make them and when will there be more?

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Feb 24th 2021

Remember our Custom Color Slingshots?

We have our standard colors for most of our slingshots. Green, brown, orange, black, and occasionally, red (although red is being phased out). These are the colors that we use for our slingshot production runs. Slingshots in these colors come directly out of the manufacturing process in that color. These are our most popular colors so they are the colors that you will find most commonly in the Simpleshot slingshot palette.

The reason we have only these colors as standard colors is because a color needs to be worth it for us to do an entire slingshot production run.

Although this is the best way to colorize a slingshot, it does not allow a wide variety of colors for the slingshots. In order to do custom colors, we produce slingshots with a neutral base and then actually dye them in house. This is a fairly labor-intensive and time-consuming process, so it is not one that is done often.

That's because due to the nature of coloring these slingshots, we do have a variety in color that is produced. No two colors are exactly alike on any two slingshoots, and this variance in color has caused us to step away from this approach.

While we are careful to call out the fact that no two slingshots look alike, and no slingshot will look exactly like the one in the photo, we did receive quite a number of complaints about the color variance in our custom colored slingshots.

Simply put, there were just too many complaints about the variance in the colors to justify continuing on the path of custom color slingshots. If we had enough interest in one particular color, we would love to add a color to the standard color palette.

Stay tuned! We'll be releasing these weekly all season long. You can look forward to close to THIRTY questions coming your way. Make sure you subscribe and ring the bell on YouTube for notifications!