Collectors Series Slingshots - Hard to find Slingshots

Collectors Series Slingshots - Hard to find Slingshots

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Nov 3rd 2020

Who wants a collectors series slingshot?

Over the years, we've collected quite a few slingshots that fall into one of these categories:

  • We made it but never sold it (ex. color samples that never made it to market)
  • We experimented with it (ex. dialing in a color)
  • We no longer sell it
  • (Maybe we're forgetting something else)

Well, we are selling them now. 
We're calling it the Collectors Series, because these slingshots are unique and there's just one way to get one.

We release them every once in a while (usually when we have enough to make it worth it).

And they sell out FAST!

So we've made a special signup to be notified when a Collector Series slingshot is coming up for sale. Be notified by SMS (text message) when we're releasing one so you can be one of the lucky ones to grab one!

You've got to be quick, so text message is the best way to be on it!

Sign up for notifications and get ready!