Cold weather and slingshot latex

Cold weather and slingshot latex

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Mar 16th 2021

As we've mentioned in other videos, understanding latex is one of the most important things you can do for slingshot shooting. But there are a lot of opinions out there about latex that we don't necessarily agree with. In this video we're going to tackle the topic of cold-weather shooting and how it affects latex.

How does cold weather affect slingshot shooting and what should I do about it.

Here at SimpleShot, we have put as much time and research into latex as about anything else. We know that latex is the heart and soul of the slingshot, so we have been in a relentless pursuit of the best slingshot latex for as long as SimpleShot has existed. We have been advocates of TheraBand (usually gold), amber medical latex, Precise, GZK, and of course our own SimpleShot Black over the years. All of these different slingshot latex brands have had their time at the top and each has its merits.

The great thing is simply this: slingshot latex has come a long long way.

Slingshot latex is not what it used to be. We have worked with what we consider to be the best slingshot latex manufacturers in the world to formulate and produce SimpleShot Black And our testing concludes that it is lightning, even in cold weather.

So back to the question. How does cold weather affect slingshot shooting and particularly how does cold weather affect slingshot latex?

Looking back just a few years, slingshot latex options were not what they are now, cold-weather was a very significant factor in slingshot shooting. In fact, velocity and therefore accuracy dropped dramatically in cold weather. In order to achieve the velocity desired in cold weather comparable to shooting in a warmer weather, one had to either add more latex to the system or shoot lighter ammo.

So here it is: it's just not the case anymore.

Any reputable slingshot latex on the scene in the past two years has built in cold weather resistance. That means it shoots consistently at temperatures under 60°. We have found that SimpleShot Black performs very well all the way down into the teens Fahrenheit.

Modern slingshot elastics really do account for cold. You don't necessarily need to change the type of latex or the amount of latex in your system because of cold.

Of course cold weather WILL have SOME effect on slingshot latex (we aren't saying there's none), but nothing like it used to. If you are experiencing a drop in performance in cold weather, you still have the option of increasing the amount of latex in your system or lightening up your ammo a little, But by and large this is nowhere near the concern that it used to be when all we had was gum rubber, medical latex, or TheraBand.

We live in a great day for slingshot shooting. Even in the cold.

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