Alternative Slingshot Pouch Grips / Pouch Holds

Alternative Slingshot Pouch Grips / Pouch Holds

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Mar 8th 2021

"Sometimes there are hand injuries or overuse. In those cases it would be nice to know some alternate ways to grip the pouch. Is it possible to hold and release the pouch using other fingers than the typical thumb and index finger?"

Yes. There are several other ways to hold the pouch and successfully release the shot that do not rely completely on the thumb and index finger. 

There are alternate grips for slingshot shooting!

First however, let's consider if there is a preliminary issue. If you are unable to continually shoot using the standard thumb and index slingshot pouch trip, it is possible that you are using bands that are not properly set up for you. If you are fatiguing to the point of not being able to grip any more, please consider shooting light or slingshot bands or lengthening your slingshot bands to be able to shoot for longer durations without burn out.

Repetitive use injuries can be avoided simply by shooting lighter slingshot bands or lengthening them to lighten the draw.

But back to the question. You could try several of the alternate pouch/ammo grips talked about and shown in the video to avoid relying completely on the thumb and index finger when holding and releasing your slingshot ammo.

It is possible to grip the slingshot ammo between the index and middle finger using not the tip of the fingers but the area between the first and second knuckle. This is a successful slingshot pouch/ammo grip.

Another successful slingshot grip is often referred to as the spider grip or Spiderman grip in homage to the pose that Spiderman takes when firing. With this grip the ammo is actually pinched against the palm/rest area by any of the first three fingers. This is actually a common grip for people shooting full butterfly or albatross style with their slingshot.

The key is a consistent and clean release when you're shooting a slingshot. When it comes to accurate slingshot shooting, the release is king. So choose the grip that affords you the best release.

And as always, find what works best for you. There is not one rule you must follow. What works best for you is best for you.

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