Alternate Pouch Materials

Alternate Pouch Materials

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Mar 29th 2021

Have you ever considered other slingshot pouch materials? 

Even polyurethane or eelskin? The reason we have the common materials that we do for slingshot pouches is simply that they work. The tried and true materials are the best choices for several reasons:

1. Microfiber. Microfiber is a great choice because it has a regular stretch and most notably that it is readily available. 2. Leather. Leather can be very durable and economical (particularly cowhide), and is an excellent choice for slingshot pouches.

The drawback to leather is that there will always be variance from one pouch to another and leathers do not all stretch consistently or desirably. The most desirable leathers to be used for slingshot pouches are Roo leather, Latigo leather, and goat skin leather.

Regarding polyurethane, there are definitely a few drawbacks. Polyurethane can be heavy, and when we shoot a slingshot we have to propel the pouch along with the ammo. The added weight of a heavier pouch can be detrimental! Also, if you are experiencing any hand slap, the heavier pouch is going to be more painful.

So definitely experiment with other pouch materials. Especially if you have the capability of cutting your own pouches, try different materials! When it comes to the materials that we will use, we need to use materials that we can source consistently and economically. So, eel skin isn't too likely to happen.

When choosing materials, consider how the pouch will stretch and break in and keep the mass as low as possible.

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