Black Friday
Well, friends. It's that time of year again....The time we take time to give thanks . . .Then run out to buy gifts like a bunch of crazy lunatics....As much as this isn't exactly our idea of how Thank … read more
Hammer featured on Adventure Capitalists
Yesterday Nathan and The Hammer were featured on Adventure Capitalists. While Nathan declined the offer of investment, the investors were treated to a spectacular shooting display (did you see … read more
Pumpkin Carving . . . SimpleShot Style
Isn't pumpkin carving just the best? The smell of fall in the air. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Carving that pumpkin is just one of those traditions that we all love. Well this year … read more
Marksmen Welcome!
We love accuracy. Since you're here, it's a safe guess that you do too. Well, you're in a good place. At SimpleShot, we built our thoughts on marksmanship right into our stated philosophy. It s … read more
5 Proven ways slingshots improve archery skills
Slingshots can improve my archery accuracy? Yes. Big time.Here are 5 proven ways slingshots can unlock your mastery of the bow. So how do you develop archery marksmanship? Practice, right? Did y … read more