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ECST 2019 (What we learned)
ECST 2019 is here and done. And we learned a lot. First of all, slingshots are amazing. This weekend is all about the community of slingshots getting together and experience of the joy of slingshots … read more
We Remember. We are Grateful
Today we take an opportunity to say thank you.We thank our heroes today and every day for their service. For sacrificing everything for our freedom. While wars break our hearts, the men and women we h … read more
Which Hammer Bundle is right for me?
Find your Hammer Bundle! Now that The Hammer is a platform, your choices abound. That's great. You can build your own slingshot now with the Hammer LT&t … read more
LT or XT Head?
LT or XT HEAD? Great question. We're here to help. THE LT HEADS The LT heads ar … read more
XT or LT Handle?
LT or XT HANDLE? Great question. We're here to help. THE LT HANDLE Superior por … read more