2015 Midwest Slingshot Tournament

Posted by Team SimpleShot on Jul 27th 2015

This years MWST was another success and shooters from around the country arrived in West Lafayette, IN on July 24 to demonstrate the rising level of skill amongst today's best slingshot marksmen.  Enthusiasts from as far away as Kansas and Florida made the trip and Team SimpleShot was there to compete for the titles as well.  

A view of the MWST shooting range

The venue for the event provided for plenty of open space to set up a variety of slingshot targets for fun shooting with plenty of local lodging within a short drive of the event site.  Plenty of great BBQ and food were provided all weekend long.

GreyWolf shooting the Gnat full butterfly

Fun was the primary intent of this event...but not without some seriously fierce competition amongst friends.  The main event is based on the Spanish style target system where each competitor shoots four rounds at 7 knockdown targets with only seven shots per round.  This format requires consistent shooting and the ability to focus under deafening silence and an attentive crowd.  

Check out this video for a detailed explanation of the format and witness the 2014 MWST Champion and Team SimpleShot shooter, Ray Bazonski shoots a perfect  30 point round:

The main event was a close race and the spread amongst the top 5 positions was tight with only a one point spread amongst the top three.  A big congratulations goes out to the first and second place winners and tournament hosts, Todd Ransom and Michael McClure.

Several side events took place as well, several being shot using the same 7 target/ 7 shot system and the winners are as follows:

Distance shoot- Seven targets and seven shots at 10  meters

First- Nathan Masters

Second- Dan Ambrosious 

Third- Ray Bazonski

All three of these shooters are Team SimpleShot members- way to go Team SimpleShot!!

Speed Shoot- Seven targets shot as fast as possible- 10 meters,  double elimination format

First- MIchael McClure

Second- Nathan Masters

Third- Ray Bazonski

Individual Can Racing- Shoot one empty soda can starting 5 meters from the shooter.  Each shooter must shoot his/her can past the 15 meter mark before his opponent.  Double Elimination format

First- Nathan Masters

Second- Mike Meuli

Third- Ray Bazonski

Team Can Racing- same rules as individual except two shooters on each team.  Double elimination format

First- Joe "Ghost" Bishop/ Ray Bazonski

Second- Tom Graham/ Michael McClure

Third- Logan Bishop/ Travis Ambrosious

PFS Event- Seven Targets/Seven Shots at 10 meters using a slingshot with a maximum fork gap of 3/4"

First- Todd Ransom

Second- Nathan Masters

Third- Andy Glenn (Andy is a Team SimpleShot member,SimpleShot employee, and shot this event bareback- no slingshot frame at all!!!!)

Dennis The Menace Shoot-  Natural slingshots and stones only.  Five shots at 10 meters using only stones as ammunition

First- Michael McClure

Second- Travis Ambrosious

Third- Ryan "RyanJL" Lekin