Gift Bundles
Need a gift? This is for you.We've taken all the work out of gift shopping (and you'll save 30%). Step 1. Choose the slingshot.  Scout LTScout XTAxiom OcularisNo slingshot Step 2. Click buy … read more
Thank you customers!
A word of thanks.This time of year, our Thanksgiving holiday tends to get overlooked in the Holiday hubbub. But this time of year, we at Team SimpleShot extend our warmest thanks to you, our customers … read more
Scout LT Limited Edition
The Scout LT LE is here. Custom colors are now available. Frames (with FlipClip X and bandset) available in: Scarlet Pink Blue Eggplant Swamp Green Scales available in all the above plus ye … read more
CSCC Invitational
Best Wishes Nathan! Nathan is currently in China representing Team SimpleShot and the USA at the CSCC International Slingshot Invitational in Shanghai, China, along with Mone Waller. As you can im … read more
Introducing Scout LT!
Introducing the new Scout LT! window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS || n … read more