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Marksmen Welcome!

Posted by Team SimpleShot on

We love accuracy.

Since you're here, it's a safe guess that you do too.

Well, you're in a good place. At SimpleShot, we built our thoughts on marksmanship right into our stated philosophy. It sounds like this:


The love of “hitting the bullseye” is simply human. 

We have come a long way in our skills as marksmen, but it is the simple acts of marksmanship that stir within us this primitive desire to project our sphere of physical influence well beyond our physical bodies.

At SimpleShot Shooting Sports, we believe that the essence of the marksman lies in his ability to access the essentially human skill of aligning the hand, eye, and will with the target and allowing the act of the shot to unfold. A simple shot!

We've recently extended our commitment to accuracy with our new Pro Tip Video Series on YouTube. We've started off with two videos on accuracy. 

You can see them here:

Founded in 2012 by Nathan Masters, owner and craftsman of FlippinOut Slingshots, SimpleShot Shooting Sports brings to you the best in class for these primitive but highly effective weapons. Each shooting tool you find on Simple-Shot.com is chosen by the Simple Shot International Advisory Group, with each member bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Top notch craftsmanship, excellence in design, and superior customer service are standard.

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We will be at Outdoor Retail Summer Market this year.

SimpleShot will be at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this year in Salt Lake City, Utah.We believe there are entirely too many people in this world who do not know the joy of the slingshot life and we're doing our part to change that. Looking to increase our reach, we will be at the Outdoor [...]

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The Best Birthday Gifts

What do you want for your birthday this year? Well, we can guess if you're here, you're interested in slingshots. Perfect. And if you're part of our email list and have completed your profile, you know that you'll be receiving a birthday gift from us. Thanks for being a part.Our top birthday gift idea is The Hammer. Who wouldn't [...]

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5 Proven ways slingshots improve your archery skills

Slingshots can improve my archery accuracy? Yes. Big time. Here are 5 proven ways slingshots can unlock your mastery of the bow. So how do you develop archery marksmanship? Practice, right? Did you know that the body mechanics and movements of archery and slingshots are so similar that practicing slingshots develops the same exact muscle memory and skills as [...]

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Our newest dealer – ProShot UK!

SimpleShot is proud to announce our newest dealer: ProShot UK.In our commitment to top notch customer service, we carefully selected ProShot UK to be our dealer in the UK. Now slingshot enthusiasts in the UK can purchase domestically from ProShot UK.ProShot UK has been a long time supporter of slingshots and the slingshot community and are [...]

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Mark wins again!

We couldn't be much prouder of our designer, Mark Seljan.He's won again. This time his work on the Hammer was recognized and given the Hungarian Design Award. See the video announcement here.1. How cool to see a slingshot winning this award right there with a ring that tells time and an electronic boat. Pretty cool company.2. Mark's slingshot [...]

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Congratulations to Zachary Fowler - Winner of Alone, Season three

SimpleShot advocate and outstanding outdoorsman Zachary Fowler just won the third season of Alone from the History channel. Not familiar with the show? From the History Channel: Ten brave participants travel to Patagonia, a wild and remote region of South America, known simply as the “Edge of the World.” There, they will be put to the ultimate [...]

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New Black Latex!

Our new latex is here! All black, this improved latex from SimpleShot is the best of the best. Increased durability and longevity without sacrificing speed, the new black latex is as fast at Theraband gold, but is a better value and lasts even longer! We think you're simply going to love this new latex. At SimpleShot, [...]

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A shout out to our supporters!

A word of thanks to our supporters this month. We'd like to thank our friends for getting on board with our Pink Torque project. We've had two awesome supporters so far this month that we'd like to thank them right here. The League of Adventurous Women got right on board this month. They've even extended a free pink [...]

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End Cancer. Shoot Slingshots

Nathan explains why this October, SimpleShot is all in.This year, we are selling a pink Torque. And we're donating $10 of every purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Read more.It's a win-win. You get a new slingshot in a limited edition color. The fight against breast cancer gets your support.Get your torque.

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