Meet Lee Silva, Master Metalsmith and owner of Black Sheep Forge

Over the past ten years, Lee Silva has been perfecting his skills as a metalsmith.  The passion his work captures has developed through his many avenues of experience, including pattern development in both Mokume Gane and Damascus steel, and all forms of forge work as well as fabrication and bladesmith processes.  The human ornaments Lee creates reflect the aggressive hand and power hammer styles of forge work he has learned as a blacksmith and the intricate sophistication he developed as a bladesmith.  The marriage of the two crafts allows Lee to produce a line of refreshingly original hair ornaments and jewelry.

Lee began his evolution as an artist in 2001 at Allan Hancock College, in a class taught by Hans Duus.  Since that time, Lee has been committed to fruthering his knowledge and skills in the metal arts.  The combination of his formal education and background in illustration, forged with his practical hard work has earned Lee the distinction of being one of the premier blacksmiths on the West coast.  He has worked with and studied under many notable luminaries in the field such as: Alfred Haberman, E.A. Chase, Rick Dunkerly, Tsur Sadan, and Mark Aspery.  Over the years his interests have been focused on hand forging and strongly influenced by bladesmithing.  Lee's attention to detail and love of pushing the envelope have lead his new development demanding new challenge of slingshot design.  Refusing to cast or solder,  Lee's primary goal in slingshot design is using traditional blacksmithing techniques originally intended for much larger and less functional material.

We at Simple Shot Shooting Sports stand in awe of Lee's mastery of his craft.  His focus on the mastery of his chosen craft and his love of slingshots allows us to offer you, the dedicated slingshot enthusiast, the very finest hand crafted steel slingshots we have ever discovered.


Check out more of Lee's work here