VIP Gold Status

VIP Gold Status

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Included FREE with every VIP Gold order. You've earned it!

Your VIP Gold status grants you 10% off everything in the VIP products and top-of-the-list shipping priority.

Lots of other good stuff too. Make sure you check your emails from SimpleShot!

2 Reviews

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    10% off

    Posted by patrick forster on Aug 18th 2018

    that is more FUN

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    Wish there was a way to get this out of my cart

    Posted by Billy Fugett on Jul 2nd 2018

    With this you will receive emails telling you how many days you have to login and buy something before your Gold VIP status expires. I find it insulting. I have spent over $1300 at Simple Shot since November of 2016. That does not even include Simple Shot designs I bought from Pro Shot because the item was out of stock at the time I wanted it. I don't appreciate an email giving me a deadline to buy something and I expect many others feel the same way. This may be the cheesiest marketing tactic I have ever seen. I buy what I want and when I want and the emails just serve to make me reluctant to buy at all. The loss of your Gold VIP status in "X" number of days if you don't buy in that given time frame is an insinuation that if you don't follow the time framed purchase plan you become a less valuable customer. In short I hate this. I do like many of Simple Shot products but it will be up to me when I buy or I won't buy at all. I am not alone in having these feelings about this either. It irritates many of your good customers.