Natural Gum Rubber Sheet

Natural Gum Rubber Sheet

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Sold in 12"x36" pieces
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We offer a premium quality natural gum rubber perfect for making slingshot bands.  This particular rubber is much more lively and displays much faster retraction than the natural gum rubbers of years past.  Excellent for shooting heavy ammo and is particularly long lasting.

Offered in two thicknesses:

1/32" Thickness- best for lighter ammo and youth bandsets

1/16" Thickness- best for heavy ammo like lead, stones, and steel ammo over 1/2" diameter

Sold in 12"x36" pieces- one side is covered in a removable plastic film for product protection during storage

5 Reviews

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    Natural gum rubber sheet

    Posted by Austin Whitener on Mar 3rd 2018

    Very pleased with the gum rubber sheet , it’s consistent thickness allows me to confidently custom cut my bands and not have to worry about thin or weak spots. Great product

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    Gum Rubber

    Posted by David Brock on Sep 1st 2017

    Too stout for bad shoulder

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    Excellent rubber!

    Posted by Steven Rueberer on Jun 10th 2016

    This rubber seems to last forever! I have taken hundreds of shots and have still not needed to trim the ends where the rubber meets the pouch.

    Thanks Nathan, you absolutely rock.

    Peace- Kung Fu Steve

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    Natural Gum Rubber

    Posted by Roger on Apr 4th 2016

    This is a fantastic product..cut different size's for Flat Band use say: 3/4" x 1/2" X12" Taper Band...this will give you some zip speed for 3/8" steel ammo...I have found this Natural Gum Rubber to last longer than TBG material...wipe The Natural Gum Rubber with Aero Space 303 product or armor all for the Uv protection..When done the slingshot in a zip lock bag..squeeze out the air & seal out of the light.I a dark place or in a tin cookie tin.....Well worth the money for this fine product..5 star rating all the way......Oldmiser

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    tough rubber

    Posted by dane on Feb 4th 2016

    This stuffs stout, 12"x1" OTT is throwing the Heat ! Thanks SShot.