Axiom Ocularis™

Axiom Ocularis™

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Shoot what Nathan shoots!!

This slingshot is an exact duplicate of Nathan Masters' personal Axiom Ocularis™ slingshot with added styling and features.  This injection molded design is made from SimpleShot's proprietary thermoplastic material for unmatched strength and reliability.  Utilizing the Ocularis™ attachment system, this slingshot can shoot flat bands, tubes, and looped tubes in any orientation for an exact match to your shooting style.


Includes one set of black Ocularis™plugs and one 7/8" straight cut SimpleShot Black Flatband


Height- 6"/155mm

Width(outside forks)-4"/100mm

Width(inside forks): 1-9/16"/41mm

Weight: 2.2oz/66gr

41 Reviews

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    Posted by khalid on Apr 23rd 2018

    The product is very cool, the owners here are great and fast in shipping, feel free to experience their products deserve trust++++++

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    Exceeds Expectations!

    Posted by Tom Porter on Apr 17th 2018

    I have been blown away by the comfort and versatility of the Axiom Ocularis. I am typically a pinch grip, TTF shooter and I was concerned that this design wouldn't allow for a solid grip, since it seems ideal for a braced technique. However my expectations have been exceeded and I would highly recommend this slingshot to anyone in the market!!

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    Axiom Oculars

    Posted by Gordon Gaines on Apr 15th 2018

    I have shot this new SS enough now that I can give an honest review. This has become my favorite SS, the Scouts I have are going to get retired. I'm going to buy another one of these so ,like my scouts, if one of the 1745 tubes break I can keep shooting. This SS is more accurate because it's easier for me to aim. It's a lot more pocketable than the Scouts, with the 1745 tubes it will shoot my prefered ammo . The connection of the tubes to the SS is a lot easier and a lot less aggravation to put a new set of my looped tubes on it and be ready to shoot again in a couple of minutes. I love this SS.

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    George Franco

    Posted by George Franco on Apr 14th 2018

    By the 4 th time I pulled back on this slingshot, I was hitting every target I aimed at 20-30 yards away. Buy it NOW you won’t be sorry. Made in USA A PLUS IN MY BOOK.

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    Great slingshot

    Posted by Y.Y on Apr 11th 2018

    Became my favourite slingshot from the moment I hold it in my hand. Surprisingly accurate as well!

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    Axiom Ocularis

    Posted by Steven on Apr 11th 2018

    Have had mine for about 3 weeks cannot say enough good things about this slingshot it's well built worth every penny. If you're thinking about it stop and just get one

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    Very nice product and well build and made in USA!!!!

    Posted by jason rouse on Apr 9th 2018

    Really like this product and very well made and band plug system is great!!!

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    Axiom ocularis

    Posted by Nathan Elliott on Apr 8th 2018

    I've purchased quite a few slingshots in my time. I keep them and use them every day until I determine if its a keeper or an ebay sell on. I use slingshots predominantly to put meat on the table and keep the rabbits and squirrels off my wife's veggies.
    I have my ocularis set up with gzk 1mm bands, no problem with the bands and the plug banding system, in fact in my opinion it's slightly easier than changing bands on the scout slingshot as you don't need a screw driver. Also if you loose the plugs you can always carve a suitable tapered replacement from a piece of soft wood, I have tried this and it works fine. The ocularis is a lightweight frame fitting easily in a pocket or pouch (I recently sold an aluminium ppmg because it took up to much room and was a bit heavy for the pocket). I have tried to get the fork to flex with really thick bands but get nothing. Personally I prefer single bands and accuracy over power anyway. So to sum up the axiom ocularis - robust, highly adaptable frame. Easy to use and set up. Feels good in the hand. For me the real test is durability, so far I've chucked it in my pocket or edc for a couple of months. I have a feeling this frame could be similar to the bacho laplander saw that stays in the same bag - dependable, durable, could this be the birth of a classic.

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    The best of the bunch...

    Posted by DALLEN BOUNDS on Apr 3rd 2018

    I order two of these in different colors to use with different bands. I have not used them yet, because I am still working on my Target Box. But, just playing with them, these have the MOST NATURAL FEEL of the 10 others that I have. Can't wait to get going with them.

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    Axiom Ocularis

    Posted by Gary on Apr 3rd 2018

    The Axiom is an average slingshot, nothing special. I shoot OTT both target and hunting. I found the handle to be to small for my grip and wrapped it with paracord. With double bands at full draw I can feel some flexing in the handle where it transitions to the yolk. While the ocularis system is simple in design I find it difficult to get double flat bands equalized - for single bands it is straightforward. Seems like the plugs could be redesigned to eliminate the need for the ball bearing. Maybe a good design for target shooting but not so great in the woods if you have to change bands and the bearing falls out. I would prefer If the handle was a solid casting for a more solid feel. So the question is if I had to replace the Axiom would I buy another one? Probably not - for me the Pocket Predator Ranger TAC is a better choice - it is less expensive and has tie on bands so you don't have to worry about losing the ball bearing.

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    Great shooter

    Posted by Damien Lacar on Apr 3rd 2018

    This thing is great. It fits well in the hand and I've gotten pretty accurate. I usually use the nitro bands with it a perfect combination of power and the ability to easily pocket. Highly recommend.

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    Surprised me!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 2nd 2018

    I had to review this one. This is one amazing frame. The build quality is fantastic. I’d pay double than what this slingshot costs.