The Simple Shot International Advisory Group consists of enthusiasts and industry leaders representing the shooting disiplines and commitment to excellence in craftsmanship that is highlighted within Simple Shot Shooting Sports. Each member brings to Simple Shot recomendations on products and craftsmen that exemplify the Simple Shot philosophy: better marksmanship through the use of simple shooting tools that are designed and built to the highest standards. Upon recomendation by members of the the advisory group, we at Simple Shot Shooting Sports are able to broaden our reach around the world to secure the very best shooting tools and accessories being produced today.

Members of the Advisory Group:


Jörg Sprave was born 1965 in Dortmund/Germany, where he lived for the first 18 years of his life. He then studied economy at the university of Paderborn and achieved a master's degree in business administration (1989). After a long career in the field of electronic and entertainment product development and distribution, he is currently the CEO of a mid size consumer electronics company located in Kronach/Germany. He likes weapons of all kinds, including firearms and knifes, but his special love is currently dedicated towards slingshots. He has made hundreds of frames, but also invented several slingshot crossbows and other rubber powered weapons. He runs The Slingshot Channel on youtube, a place that - amongst other fields - reviews handmade slingshots made by small artisans and craftsmen around the world. After about four years, The Slingshot Channel has more than 60,000 subscribers and about 18 million views. Other hobbies are weightlifting, collecting fountain pens and riding enduro motorbikes. Jörg Sprave is also a renowned author with several short stories published online, but also two books in print (both in the German language). He lives with his family in Burgkunstadt/Germany. 



Bill Nilsen was born in Massachusetts in 1945.  He spent most of his early life as a city kid living in and around Boston, but also spent a few years in the country.  His family moved a lot, so he attended 10 different schools by the time he was in the 10th grade.  Fed up with school, he quit before graduating, worked for a year at various jobs, then, at 17, joined the Marines, where he served from 1962-1966.

During his working career, Bill worked in electronics, the construction industry, and education.  However his love has always been slingshots.  As a boy, he first got into slingshots and blow guns in the city -- strictly rubber band stuff.  But he and his friends went a step further and chained together lots of rubber bands and used the bumpers of parked cars for anchors to launch chestnuts.  Later, in his 20's, he was assigned to work in northern Maine at a paper mill in a very small and remote town.  With nothing to do but shoot rats at the dump, he used his first real slingshot -- a Whamo!  The fun of shooting that slingshot stuck with him long after he gave it up and turned his full attention to raising three girls.

Sometime in his mid-60's, Bill entered into his second childhood and one of the first things he went back to was slingshots.  Once he discovered slingshot forums on the internet and a lot of like-minded folks, his creativity exploded.  Known as ‘Dayhiker’ in the online forum community, Bill has been the creator and visionary for some of the most well-known and respected slingshot designs today.  His skill at designing functional and balanced slingshots is only outstripped by his love of making natural fork slingshots.  Bill is the designer of the “Chalice” slingshot and many other designs that have introduced others to the wonderful world of catapultry.


Slingshots!!! I love em! My love affair with slingshots started at age 8, when myself and several
friends fashioned a few wire coat hangers into slingshots. We got some old shoes, tore the
tongues out for use as pouches and used thin school rubber bands tied together as a power
source. These were crude and weak, but we had fun with them. My fascination with slingshots
was born right then. Being from the Metro NY area, weapons of any kind were a big no-no. I
saved my pennies and begged my dad for my first real slingshot that I saw in an outdoor
magazine. This was the famous Wham-O. Dad was dead set against it, but my persistence paid off
and he ordered it for me. I was thrilled. I treated that thing like it was made of diamonds. I also
saw more slingshots that I wanted. Some companies would send them, others not - most big
cities are kind of strict on any weapons. I realized after acquiring a few slingshots, that I had
become a collector of the forked stick. I also was making my own when I had time. I made all
kinds of designs from all kinds of materials. I experimented with all types of rubber and leather.
For many years, I thought I was alone in my love for this hobby/sport. I eventually ( with the
advent of the internet ) found others who shared my passion for this simple but fascinating
pastime. I am 60 years old now and still have the same passion for slingshots I had back when I
shot my first one. I no longer have the original Wham-O, but I got another one to replace that
and about another 250-300 other different models of slingshots to round out my still growing
collection. It is a great hobby that involves making something very usable and enjoyable and then
it has the added benefit of being able to shoot fun things like cans and other targets! There is
such a feeling of accomplishment shooting a slingshot and hitting your target - even more so
when you make all your own components. Hope you enjoyed my story of my love of slingshots
and be warned, it is a very addicting hobby, so you can’t have just one! Have fun and always be


Kent Shepard is quite possibly the biggest slingshot enthusiast on the face of the planet and it is quite certain that he has THE largest slingshot collection in the world.  Kent, founder of the Summer National Slingshot Tournament, which has been happening since 1976, has done an amazing amount of work to promote the sport of slingshots and catapultry.  Kent brings to Simple Shot Shooting Sports a wealth of information regarding all things slingshot.


Blue Skeen is quite possibly the most accomplished slingshot shooter walking the planet.  Even today, at age 80, he still places in the top three spots at national tournaments and has no problems going 10 for 10 on a soda can at 33'.  These days, Blue finds great pleasure in building natural fork slingshots and giving them away, dancing, and listening to classic blues and bluegrass music.  Blue's accomplishments with the slingshot are too numerous to mention here, so check out some of these great links: