TruMark RR-2 Heavy Slingshot Bands

TruMark RR-2 Heavy Slingshot Bands

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Trumark's RR-2 powerbands armade from the best quality, purlatex-rubber. A 0.4% carbon black jacket has been added to the rubber for the ultimate protection against damaging UV light rays. (Adding black carbon is a method proven to prevent premature aging of rubber which has been used in the tire industry for over 100 years!) The black carbon helps make them the most durable slingshot bands ever.

These bands are considerably heavier in draw weight than the RRT bands and are optimized for heavier ammo such as 1/2" steel shot and lead.

5/64" wall thickness x 8.6" length

5 Reviews

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    Great if you are strong

    Posted by Mark on Feb 5th 2018

    These are, by far, the most difficult bands to draw in my collection, bu they can certainly get steel up to speed.

    I bought the Trumark RR-2 band-set with the intention of using them on a Daisy Powerline B52 frame but ended up using them on a 3D-printed Rambone. I've sent about 50 3/8" steel balls at jar lids with them and certainly can't complain about the power. The jar lids start to split on the first well-placed ball.

    But do you ever have to work for all that power. Without cutting the bands to length, I can just barely pull these to my regular draw (to my ear). I work a desk job, but work out regularly, and am pretty far from a strong-man. So the effort to draw these really reduces my accuracy. Hopefully, that will lessen as my strength increases.

    If you aren't strong, you might want to grab a dumb-bell right after ordering this band-set...or even a couple of weeks before.

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    Terrific power

    Posted by Max on Feb 12th 2017

    I proved the RR2 using very heavy amno. It's fantastic in a range of 25 mt. I don't recommend it for the Hummer but for the slingshot designed especially for the tubolar elastics.

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    Posted by Sean on Jan 7th 2016

    This was the first thing I've bought off of this website and it's amazing they're very strong and power full I'm definitely going to buy more stuff from this site

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    Posted by Milagors Lebron on Dec 18th 2015

    The RR2 is very heavy duty and reliable, it is also very durable. I would recommend this item for those who wish to hunt for a long period of time in the wilderness.

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    Very Strong.

    Posted by Mark on Jul 19th 2015

    Not real comfortable for me. A little to hard for me to pull. Maybe I am just getting weak. Fast professional service from Simpleshot.

Please keep in mind that the slingshot bands are made from a natural material. This means that we have no way of predicting the life of the band. Even the best maintained bands can fail inexplicably or have a short life time. Despite our best efforts, using high quality industry standard materials and testing; approximately 1% of the bands fail early. We do not provide a warranty of any kind on bands.