Large bag of 500 powderballs - slingshot ammo

Powder (Chalk) Balls - Bulk

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Projectiles that erupt on contact!

These projectiles are .68 caliber ammo filled with talcum powder that explode in a cloud of dust on impact.

Are you a beginner? Use powderballs while you learn. If chalk is showing on your frame you know you've got a forkhit (but a forkhit that won't destroy your frame!).

Are you pro? Use the powder balls as the target...such a satisfying explosion when hit!

Sold in bulk bag - 500 powderballs per container.  

5 Reviews

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    Great big bag of SMOKE!

    Posted by William Ruehl on Aug 10th 2018

    These things are awesome. I love grabbing a handful and blasting things around the yard. Hits are rewarded with a large plume of "smoke", most gratifying! Buy two, you'll be glad you did!

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    Posted by RAM Defense LLC on May 17th 2018

    Bulk value of GREAT powder/chalk rounds that are .68, dimpled, accurate, white powder inside (not colored powder) that can be put in a marker or slingshot and effectively deployed without breakage. What a great alternative for safe shooting than paint. THANK YOU for having this bulk value quality chalk balls! (one note, when bought in bulk there may be a some particulate in the bag or a even a broken one but it is still totally worth it!)

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    Powder Chalk Balls

    Posted by Kris on Mar 23rd 2018

    Maybe it is my grip, but I am failing to see these really bust on impact. I have had some bust as soon as they leave the sling even though it doesn't show on the fork. Would also like to see a neon green powder like the advertisement shows.

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    Powder (chalk) Balls

    Posted by Ray on Mar 8th 2018

    I love these!!

    As ammo or as targets they possess the nearly unique character when impact is made, produce a good puff of powder (what obviously looks like smoke). Very rewarding when shooting.

    One thing that I have noticed and is that when handling them they leave a waxy or greasy feel on the hand, right out of the packaging. No big deal. To mitigate this, I like to put powder in with them in a plastic shopping bag, thoroughly mix them around in the powder. Remove them from the powder and if I am ambitious roll them in an old towel to help further remove the powder and greasiness.

    I really enjoy putting them on top of a golf tee so that you know when you have a direct hit. No cheating bouncers if placed on pavement or concrete.

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    Posted by Slingshot Junkie on Feb 16th 2018

    That is a big bag of FUN right there.
    I love these powderballs! These are the most fun projectile EVER and this is an amazing price.

    One thing: They don't explode as colorfully as the outer shell. The powder is pretty white.