General purpose bandsets amber and black

Three Pack General Purpose Flatbands

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.030" amber and black medical latex- 3 Packs

Sometimes simple is better...sure, tapered flatbands deliver amazing performance, but at the expense of longevity.  They shoot hard and fast but don't last as long.  Steady wins everytime!  Our General Purpose slingshot Flatbands are offered in five different materials and can easily handle a range of ammo sizes by simply changing the length.  Choose your bands according to your ammo size and check out our suggestions:

  • 1/4"-5/16" steel:  5/8" straight .030" latex(amber or black)
  • 3/8" steel: 3/4" straight .030" amber or black latex (this is a fantastic combo, long lasting and great performance)
  • 7/16" steel:7/8" straight .030" amber or black latex (this is the same band that comes standard on the Scout slingshot)
  • Marbles: 3/4" straight .030" amber or black latex

All General Purpose Slingshot Flatbands are single layer and include an appropriately sized leather pouch, completely assembled including band ties.  All bands are 10" long from pouch.

Offered in Packs of Three Bandsets

Please keep in mind that the slingshot bands are made from a natural material. This means that we have no way of predicting the life of the band. Even the best maintained bands can fail inexplicably or have a short life time. Despite our best efforts, using high quality industry standard materials and testing; approximately 1% of the bands fail early. We do not provide a warranty of any kind on bands.