Nitro Bandsets

1/2" Steel Bandsets

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Looking to shoot 1/2" steel ammo?  Look no further than here for bands optimized for 1/2" steel ammo to .50 caliber lead.

+P:  Made from 15mm-22mm x 10" tapered double layer SimpleShot Black Latex

Nitro:  Made from 3/4"-1-1/4" tapered double layer SimpleShot Black Latex (Best for .44-.50 caliber lead ammo. PLEASE NOTE:  These bands are built for high performance and sport very aggressive tapers for top speed.  As such, one should not expect long life from these bands.  100-150 shots is a normal lifespan for these bandsets.)

Please keep in mind that the slingshot bands are made from a natural material. This means that we have no way of predicting the life of the band. Even the best maintained bands can fail inexplicably or have a short life time. Despite our best efforts, using high quality industry standard materials and testing; approximately 1% of the bands fail early. We do not provide a warranty of any kind on bands.