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All About Slingshots by Jack Koehler

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Slingshot Shooting by Jack Koehler is one of the few written resources for all things slingshots.  From slingshot design, tournaments, hunting, and craft and everything in between.  If it has to do with slingshots, Jack Koehler has clearly outlined it in his book.

Slingshot Tutorial: Active band length 03:17

Slingshot Tutorial: Tune your own active band length

  • Slingshot Tuto...
    Slingshot Tutorial: Tune your own active band length

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  1. Posted by Randy Whitton July 16th 2016

    Posted by Randy Whitton on Jul 16th 2016

    I am very new to this sport. I made myself read the whole book before I even banded my new slingshot. It really helped me to get started on the right path. Very simple to understand.

  2. Good but bad

    Posted by Brad on Feb 23rd 2016

    The book is excellent but the binding is terrible. 95% of the pages has fallen out,but I've read it three times just shuffling through the pages it's that good.

  3. Comprehensive book!

    Posted by Johan Gustavsson, Sweden on Jul 20th 2015

    There are not many books out there on the subject of slingshots, but luckily, this one is both comprehensive and inspiring. A minus, though, for the grainy b&w photos and illustrations. You also have to handle the book with care, because of the poor binding. Nevertheless: this book is a must for all slingshot shooters.

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